5' 0" height, 120 pounds weight

152 cm height, 54 kg weight (9 stone)

Hi Rob! 

I noticed that you don't have an entry for 5'0 / 120 pounds on your height/weight chart.  So here I am!  Sorry that it's not straight on, though! 

Name: Emily
Age in the photo: 22nd birthday!
Height: 5'0 plus an inch in the shoe
Weight: Between 118 and 122.  Not sure exactly since I was studying abroad and didn't bring a scale!
Location: Miyajima, Japan (island by Hiroshima)

Anyway, I love your site and I've been reading it for years although this is the first time I've written or posted anything that I can recall...  So thanks for the hours of entertainment!


http://www.futurebird.com That's my website. I run a lot.

Sarah S.
122 lbs

Hello! My name is Cera L., and I love your site.
I'm 5'0" and 123 lbs; I saw that the slot for 5'0" and 120 is empty.
I don't know if you do over/under or just round, but either way, maybe you can use these!
These are all from my recent trip to Ireland, in May of this year. First time abroad, so I was having a blast! I hope they help!

I see that you dont have very many pictures for my height 5'0 so thought i would put some in!

I am a very pear shaped body type, I have a lot of hips and butt. I put a few pictures in so there would be diffrent body shapes :).
The picture of me in the skirt and crop top I weigh about 123 lbs and in the other two are older pictures i weigh from 130-132 lbs in those photos!
Hope you can use these so you will have some more youthful body references, I am 19, 5'0 and 123 lbs


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