6' 2" height, 290 pounds weight

188 cm height, 132 kg weight (21 stone)

Here I am at 6' 2' @ 290 lbs, from a couple of years ago... (mid forties) I do not yet have a pic of my current weight of three hundred twenty pounds. .. and to think, I only weighed 190 during my tours at MCAS Cherry Point and stationed on Camp Pendleton (6521 / 2512.)

I never ever thought I would get 100 lbs heavier. Mid-thirties saw me losing the ability to simply shed excess calories. I wonder if that is when DHEA production begins diminishing... What happens is you pick any diet & exercise program. You lose 10-lbs, then you go back to normal, and your body reacts by adding 20-lbs. So, my extra 100 pounds is the result of ten diet-reaction 'recoveries.' Maybe GMOs contribute.

The plants are designed to pack on weight, so animals reach their weight faster, and heavier. I wish they could fix the foods, designing them to grow lean body mass, and add longevity. But, where's the money in that?


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